About Us


Our Approach

We Believe In Build  Better Community by Connecting Each Other. Contribute to businesses, Services, and every other process that make the better society.
Sociotantra® Business Solution- is a well-established business solutions company which provides solutions to– Mobilization, Marketing & NGO Consultancy.
We provide local marketing solutions along with value-added services to the customer environment by specialising in the state of the art systems and technology to provide professional outsourcing. Sociotantra Business Solution is committed to delivering high- quality offshore outbound and inbound, Mobilisation and Consulting solution to business from all over the world.

Our Story

SocioTantra® Business Solution's provide business consultancy solutions with expertise in to  BPO, Marketing, Branding, Cloud telephony, Social Media, & IT consulting.

Meet the Team

Amar Pandhare

Founder & CEO

Amar Pandhare has been in the field of Sales, Marketing and Technology for the past 10 years, having held various positions at the operational level in companies in the areas of banking, insurance, and technology. his real professional strength lies in convincing customers of the value of the product and thereby achieving their sale

he maintained the utmost transparency and professional integrity in all his dealings, give him a good product and Ihe will sell it for you! he strives to give immense value for money to the customer and give immense value for money to the customer-  this has been my professional mission, In the recent past, after having analyzed various factors that can contribute to accelerated socio-economic growth of our country, his attention and passion is now drawn to the field of Socio-Economic sectors and he ventured into the field of social enterprise as a Social Entrepreneur. his decade-long rich experience in the field of sales and marketing makes he appreciate various economic and social development programs of the government and also the private sector as products which need to suitably branded for the benefit of transfer to better the society. Accordingly,  he adopted the Mission –

“Working for a Better World”

he made a beginning in this direction by implementing, at the operational level, the Skill Development Program of the Government. also launched a project of producing branding and selling various handmade products produced by the  tribal women of Jharkhand.

As the CEO of SocioTantra our Mission is -

“Working for a Better World” 


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Sapna Pandhare

Founder & COO

She is a social entrepreneur and Founder CEO of SocioTantra. She has vast experience of more than 10 years in the field of customer retention, client servicing, relationship management and business development.

 Her experience in various sectors such as Insurance, NGOs, Health care and Social sectors.

 She has a strong sense of commitments for working in the area of community development.